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center pin issues

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June 10, 2003
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clarion, pennsylvania
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2001 sport
the center pin hole in my front leaf springs is real small (2.5" springs), the center pin hole in my dana 60 is real big (3" springs). I don't want to drill the hole in the leaf spring bigger because it is one of those 'monoleafs' and I'm afraid it will eventually lead to breakage. So what should I do? Just put a bushing in there? try to weld a nut in the center pin hole? Fill it with weld and drill it? Realize the center pin hole is cast into the pumpkin on one side.

Are you talking about the center pin that locks the spring in combo with the u-bolts to the axle or are you talking about the bolt hole through the front perch mount? Either way do not weld to spring steel!

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