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Central Va. Mud Bogg Season


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October 20, 2002
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It is just about a week away from the Tuti's Mud Bogg. It is next week on Good Friday April 10. I have not heard anybody talking about it, so I'll start.
We will be going out around noon. It gets a little to wild for us old people.

It is in King William County near Central Garage RT 30 and 360. Rt 30 south towards the courthouse, turn right on West River Road. Just follow the trucks.

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Anybody going? We are going to go out around noon. This a real rowdy redneck oppurtunity.

Some photos


  • DSC06648 (Medium).JPG
    DSC06648 (Medium).JPG
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Some more photos


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A few more photots, including my personel favorate a solid axle Explorer I think on 36s.


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    DSC06735 (Medium).JPG
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Vanzilla is awesome.

IROC 49s on vanzillia were still no enough to concour the mud. He did good in the sissy hole but the deep pit swallowed everything.

Thats great.

Im ready for mud bogg season to start here in a few weeks.

One of the best things about mud boggs is trying to explain to people who have never been to one, just what the hell is goes on.

Hey, the mud bog was a blast! haha, it looks like the pic you have of the Explorer is when they finally were able to get us out of that left hole! After the two straps broke, is when they decided to try a chain. The winch on the front was not working at the time, and the cable was wraped around the front bumper, and the idiot who hooked up the chain decided to just hook it to the cable and leave it wraped around the bumper... which pinched the cable and broke once the chain came tight.. when the cable broke, it some how crunched against the power wire and solenoids causing something to short out which killed power to the whole thing. We had it up and running shortly after we pulled it back to our little area in the corner of the field.. but we were pretty much burned out for the day by that point in time, so we just loaded up and headed out. It was a good time though.