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CG's Ex in the McNeil Racing Bat Cave

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wow... makes me want to get going on all the fab work i need to do to my truck. want to show detail pics of the sliders? mainly where/how it mounts up front. your truck is hott. i'd say it was $5k well spent. its giving me lots of ideas. and i especially like those taillights ;) (i have the same ones) i actually dont like them that much, but i love them compared to stock taillights.

"your truck is hott"

hahaha holy crap that made me laugh. "Do you love it?" hahaha

The trucks OK, but the guy that owns it...Now there is a good lookin' Hunk "O" Chunky Man :D

The sliders are 2x4 with 3 supports going into the frame. One on each end & one in the middle. I have a 3" body lift on it, so it was pretty easy to go directly into the frame.

I do try to keep my truck looking good as well as working good. I'm happy I live close to Tijuana which is the cheap-body-shop-capitol of the world. I've replaced the right front fender, only to take a hammer to it to fit bigger tires :rolleyes: repainted the rear right quarter panel & replaced the front headlight.

I'm always touching up scratches & puling dents...My wife thinks my car payment is $1,000 a month ;) My wife's family can't believe that I'd spend so much money on the truck & then take it out & smash it into rocks & stuff, at least not sober anyway...


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I get pissed if my stupid friends lean up against my BII, its just common knowledge you dont lean up against somebosdy's car! They say you are an idiot because you go smash it into rocks and it has scratches all over it from bushes/trees (my 6 year old Maaco job is pathetic) buit I dont care, its principal.
You dont lean on somebodys CAR ever! hahahaha even if it is a trail rig.
I am doing the body work this winter, finally she will get painted next spring, and then....more changes, chop top, etc :) hahaha

i park my rig at my university and dont see it for several days at a time, but i have caught people pulling mud off the truck (after wheeling trips) and someone even made a mound of dirt on my hood once with mud clumps pulled off my rig once....i was NOT happy with that. I hate when people cant keep their hands to themselves.

first rule of adulthood:

"DONT FU*& with another mans vehicle"

this is a trule to live by, read it, learn it live it. Even if it looks like a heep to you, is falling apart, etc, DONT TOUCH IT, to somebody it is their baby.

well put...i agree 100%. Nothing i hate to see more than a couple kids picking and pulling on a trail beater parked somewhere becasue they think the owner doesn care....sad

thanks for the info CG. should help me alot when i'm drawing up the plans for my sliders.

i came out of a movie once and these 3 kids got in some OLD toyota corolla POS or something along those lines and when they opened the doors, they on purposely slammed them into the surrounding cars(mine being one of them). people anger me. but then i go online and see trucks like CG's and see improvements i can make to my truck that are within reach. (ie. soa, bumpers, etc.) SAswaps are nice, if you can afford em.

This lady wasn't paying attention, and almost slammed her Merc. Sable station wagon door into the side of my sparkling Rubicon. Yep, I was looking, and when she opened her door, she was Xtra careful!

You can't see my face, but I'm the hunk on the left! :confused: