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chalenging question's for a knowalgable ford tech.


March 7, 2009
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Cresent Beach FL.
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1996XLT 4X4, 2006 LIMITED
Hello, I have an 06 limited with out rear aux. air. It does have rear seat registers in the console arm rest. Unlike my 96 XLT it doesn't have a fan speed control back their. It is equiped with the dual zone electronic A/C unit (right & left). On max cool I do get a small amount of air out of the back vents but at any lower speeds their is no flow. My question is does this model have a booster fan and if so it should be mounted in the console or dash. I under stand if it has no fan then it could be a draft door not operating properly.
I was just interested in gathering any informqation possible prior to pulling the console apart.

I am an outboard mechanic by trade and am not totaly helpless, after all I have changed heater cores in two different ford mustangs 1988 and 07. as well as 85 Monte Carlo SS. In my case on the heater core replacement as you will know if you have ever preformed this type of service. The flat rate labor charge is ample to cover the R & R of the core but when the dash is apart it is the time to address all of the problems of an older car such as warped heater door and repacing detieroated foam on the duct work. that no one will take the time to do.

My next question is and I am embarased to say I had been unable to locate the RAP module. i even stooped so low as to go to the ford dealer and shelled out $50.00. i understand it was like admitting defeat but i thought for sure they would beable to tell me pay your bill, here is your code and by the way it is located here. No such luck, first the service writer said it was located behind the left rear trim pannel. I said nope been their done that, then it was on the left side, nope, then front kick pannel. They are either very good at playing stupid or just born that way. They still got me for my cash, but I did get the code.

I have read many posts on both of these problems and would like seek the knowlage of a ford tech who has been here before.

thank's for reading..... Steve

Module is up behind the passenger air bag. You can pull the glove box down and see the edge of it, but to read the code the air bag has to come out. If the dealer has the correct tools, he can just scan the computer the get the code for you, he just took your $50.00 and you got nothing.