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change oil or wait


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February 5, 2012
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2018 Explorer Base 2.3L E
I have always been a change the oil at 5000 (or less) miles guy on my previous Explorers. On the 2014 I had it generally showed about 52% remaining when I did the 5000 mile change. At the new company where I'm working, they have an 8,000 mile oil change rule on ALL company vehicles. I have been watching my 2016 which now has 5,900 miles and is showing 44% oil life remaining. If this holds true, it should still show around 23% remaining life at the 8,000 mile change. I really think the IOLM just counts down miles.

I asked them why so long between changes. They have a large fleet, unlike my last company that only had a few SUVs and trucks, and said they have done oil analysis and that 8,000 miles is still conservative. Most of the vehicles are driven around 2,000 miles a month, so it's around 3 oil changes a year. Doing it this way doesn't damage the vehicle and saves a lot of money.

I have to do this awhile before I pass judgement. In my personal vehicle I change oil 2X a year which is generally around 4,000 miles.


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February 27, 2016
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The Brickyard
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2016 Explorer
The same argument can be had with fuel type, but you don't see drivers solely filling up with 91+.LOL
Noooooo!!! Not the dreaded discussion on fuel octane -- the single most misunderstood subject in automobile forums!