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Changing Spark Plugs


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June 5, 2001
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LaPorte, Indiana
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04 Civic LX
Hi who ever reads this, I am new to this place.
I bought my 1992 explorer in December 2000 and just recently bought new spark plugs to replace the ones that were in there.
I got the spark plugs on the drivers side changed easy, However, the ones on the passenger side i can't even see let alone get to to change.
Is there anyway I can get to the spark plugs on the passenger side of the engine without taking half the engine apart?
Thanks for reading my problem!
Any Help is greatly appericated.


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March 7, 2001
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Blue Point, Ontario, CANADA
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2007 Sport Trac
Welcome to the site . If you do a search you will find people do it differently it is a knuckle buster ,I managed to get the front two from the top,tight but doable and the last one I went in through the wheel well. If you go to the main page click on links the "explorer maintenance page" link has a article on it or as I said search and you will find lots of info ,this site is the best source for explorers, GOOD LUCK