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Changing steering gear box ... special tool for P.S. lines???


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June 14, 2010
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'93 Explorer
I got a 93 X and I’m down, is there a special tool or what tool should I use to get the 2 fluid lines off. I got a brake wrench but don’t have any room to use it also the wrench is 5/8 but seems just a little sloppy is it a metric size. I think I’m good on the rest, I got the set bolt out of the steering shaft and got the pitman arm loose got a puller so that should be OK.

I’m just stuck on the lines just no room to work it...see photos.

Looking down from the top

Close up

Looking from the wheel well

The tool I have


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a crow's foot on the end of a ratchet works,


OK I see it now I'm getting the picture. I would think they mite have it like a 6 point I would worry about rounding off the nuts.

Any body know what size they are standard or metric. Hate to spend the bucks for both rite now. Things are tight.

Thanks for the fast reply...going off to Northern Tool...

Thanks got that taken care of NOW it's the Pitman Arm wont come off.

I got the nut off got the puller on (loaner from A.Z.) tighten it to the point I broke one wrench and beating on it the best I can with a 3 lb. hammer. I feel like I got beat up by a kick boxer. It ant budging. Think I need a lift and an impact hammer.

Oh well ... Looks like it's off to the shop after all $$$

Thanks for the help...

Afraid of that;

I had to cut mine off.

But I was replacing with a drop, so I wasn't concerned about destroying it.

Well I got the job done but it wasn't easy...I could not get the pitmarm arm off on my back..I took it off at the drag arm and needed a ball joint fork..then I was able to drop the gear box w/pitman arm still attached..then I beated on the puller with a 3 lb hammer for a 1/2 hr. and it finally let go. Another problem I had was that the new rebuilt gear box's mounting threads were cross threaded. I had to chase them with a tap....after all that it was fairly easy and went back together quick.

How does she drive with the new box? Tighter?

Actually, didn't notice any change. Steering wasn't the issue, I blew a seal in the box and fluid was poring out the pitman arm. I mean it's a 93 with about 185 K miles on it so it was a little loose. The new box didn't change a thing but there's a lot of other joints that wear for loosness.

One thing that changed is the steering wheel doesn't go straight level when wheels are straight. It's about 3-5 deg. off. Perhaps when attaching the shaft to the box I got it one tooth off. But there was a flat on the gear box so I thought it was not possible to get it out of position. I did center the box before installing. The steering is so close it's barely noticeable so I'm not going to worry about.