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Changing the Oil filter housing Gasket: Antifreeze recommendation


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March 30, 2003
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2004 Mountaineer 4.6L AWD
Ok... thanks to resident Tech, I think I have the oil leak solved. getting ready to tackle the oil adapter gasket on Monday. I am assembling all my parts today & tomorrow.

Gasket, Felpro 70801 $10.99
Oil: Motorcraft 5-20 (6) Quarts.
Filter: Motorcraft 820s

Coolant is where I am kind stuck. Ford used the Yellow Extended life in the '04 Ex/Monty. it calls for basically a lil over 5 gallons of 50/50. My questions:

1.) how much will I REALLY get out of the engine/heater core/Rad etc?

2.) if there is remaining coolant what is the best option of coolant other than $18/gallon Ford Coolant? If I HAVE to use the Ford I will, but there has to be a suitable alternative, No?

any input would be great.


I would use the Ford stuff but i think prestone makes whats called a global extended life which should meet specs. Realistically you will only need maybe like 3 gallons mixed to get job done.

ok... after more reading on here & other places, looks like Zerek G-05 or Motorcraft Yellow are my only options.


Imagine the egg on my face for posting, only to find that the Dealer price on OE Yellow coolant is within 50 CENTS of the Zerex coolant, the only aftermarket option that lists SPECIFICALLY G-05 compliant...

Some times I get a lil over zealous... maybe this will help someone else...

Yellow Coolant from Ford dealer $15/gal.