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changing throw out bearing


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August 30, 2008
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ft. thomas, ky
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I have a 97 with a manual transmisssion. i have the Tran. out and can not figure how to remove the old throw out bearing from the slave and install the new one. It has got to be simple.
Thanks in advance

It's been a while, so I forget if it twists off (counterclockwise) or if there's a small spring clip. Slide the bearing down and see if there's a clip.

Are you replacing just the bearing and not the slave? If you're in there, you really ought to replace the slave. It's the most common failure point in these manual trannys.

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You really just have to pull hard to remove the bearing. Don't be cheap, replace both, I thought I could get away with just the throwout bearing, I felt stupid the next day when I had to pull my tranny again to replace a leaking slave.

still need help on the throw out.

Well the original had a thin retaining washer which I removed but the new one has a nylon clip. Do I need to try and install the old retaining washer. If so I need to remove the trans again since I didn't but thought about it later. Should have drank more.