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charging problems


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December 15, 2010
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03 explorer sport 4x4
I have an 03 explorer sport. It has been giving me charging problems for the last about 6 months. Battery light would come on and go off all the time. Replaced alternator and battery. Problem went away till now. Battery light started going on and off again. Checked conncetions, wires, tested battery and alternator. Alternator said it was charging between 13 and 17 volts. Replaced alternator and truck ran fine for a day. Went out and while driving the rpm gague went crazy, battery light blinked twice and check engine light came on. Battery light and check engine light went out and ABS light came on and stayed on. Pulled into my driveway and rpm gague went to 0 and ran for a few seconds then truck died. Tried to start the truck and it will crank over but wont start. I get the click click click noise when i try to start the truck. Battery was brand new July....any ideas?

Sounds like the alternator wasnt charging and drained the battery.

Sounds like the alternator wires might be burnt out. Could be a ground issue or power issue. Replacing the alternator a millions times isn't going to cure the problem and a dead battery is probably because the alternator isn't charging anything