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Charging system problems...


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January 8, 2007
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I have a 92' Explorer 4x4 with a 4L and am having some issues with charging. The alternator on it went out (stator delaminated) and was replaced with a generic parts store one last night. Problem is, its still not charging.

The battery is a little run down since I had to drive it a half hour with no charging, but is still putting out 12.1v at the battery, and the same at the B+ terminal on the alternator.

The green with red stripe wire to the alternator has 12.08v at it when the key is in the on position (I am guessing this is the trigger wire) and is the right side of the 3 prong plug. The center wire on the plug is a yellow with black trace and goes to the field plug on the alternator. The left wire is a yellow or white with no trace and has no voltate on it.

The voltage at the battery drops to 12.08v when the truck is running, so there is obviously no charging. I looked in the fusebox under the hood and could't find a fuse listed for the alternator. Is there one under the dash?

This is my daily driver and I need it on the road, so any help would be appreciated.


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August 9, 2003
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Ludlow, Massachusetts
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'94 Sport
I had a similiar issue & found out that driving on just battery with no charging can ruin cells in the battery. Ended up getting a new battery & all was well.