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Charging System trouble


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May 10, 2006
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Grand Rapids, Michigan
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94 Sport
I have a 94 explorer. Last week the battery light on the dash lit up and the battery started discharging. I've replaced the alternator (w/ voltage regulator), battery and even the battery cable terminals but I still have the same problem. I have 12v power to the B+ post so the fusible link should be good.

It's almost like the alternator is off and can not start charging the battery. Does anybody have any suggestions?


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What is the voltage at the B+ terminal on the alternator? and at the battery?

Welcome to this forum! Did you check the wiring going to the voltage regulator? If the field of the alternator is not getting any power, then your stator won't get power either.

I've checked power out of the wiring harness. I get 12v and -1v on the ends nothing in the middle.

Do you have a manual with a diagram of your charging system with color codes? AutoZone has diagrams online. You could also download a Ford repair CD from WWW.FordCDs.Com.

I own an after market repair book that has some wiring diagrams in it but it's pretty weak. I am going to try to download the repair cd.

What is the voltage at the B+ terminal on the alternator? and at the battery?

The voltage at the B+ is 12.4 volts and doesn't change even when the car is running.

Thanks again!!