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Charlie's 2000 XLT Registry

Well, the other day I finally picked up a new vehicle. It's a nice 2000 XLT. Overall, it's in good shape and I'm happy with it. Here's the only picture I have of it for now, taken the day I first looked at it-

Now, on to the details.

The Good:
-4.0 SOHC - engine only has 40k on it, and is from an '01 ST. When the timing chain broke on the original, the original owner just swapped in an engine from a junkyard ST with rearend damage. Engine runs perfect.
-Only 107k miles
-Interior in great shape overall
-Loaded, leather, sunroof, 6cd changer, rear air, air shocks, ect
-Runs great
-4.10 diff's

The bad:
-Front passenger wheel bearing needs to be replaced
-Rust on step tubes
-Some minor scratches/dings on paint
-ABS light on (from bad bearing)
-A/C still needs to be recharged (Never taken care of after engine change)
-Rear view mirror on glass shakes like none other. I need to fix, or replace this. Verrryyy unacceptable how it is:thumbdwn:. But luckily, no big deal to take care of:thumbsup:

I think it was a great deal, since I got it for $2,700. After taking care of the major problems it has (wheel bearing, A/C charging) it will be around 3k. Given it bluebooks at more than that everywhere (KBB, Edmunds, NADA) I'm happy.

First "mod" done: Recovering the center console lid. As you know, the leather/vinyl covers crack like none other over time, and this was really bothering it was done within 3 hours of me bringing the car home:p: Here's what the old cover looked like...

After being recovered-it's a little lighter, but this picture makes it seem even more than it is, since the sunroof is open

Now, just a few other shots I took today-





Hmm...finger got in the way on that one...:confused:

How does that paint hold up on the wheels? Any chipping yet?