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Charlie's Elite Registry

To start out, my name is Charlie and I am from Eau Claire Wisconsin. I am also a student at UW-Stout majoring in mechanical design. I have been elite for some time and think it is about time to create a registry.

Originally I had wanted to lower my X and make it performancy, but then I realized that that won't happen, and I have always loved big trucks. So, that is what I will slowly go for.

I have a 1996 Explorer Sport, which I have been driving for several years now. There are no major changes, due to lack of funds. Therefore, for now most all that I can do are cheap/free mods that are for appearance sake.
Back when I got it it looked something like this:

I will try to dig up some better pictures to show later, but I am on my laptop, not my main computer with pictures.
Some point about a year ago, I decided I wanted a roof rack for many reasons. I think SUV's look better with them, plus then it is a spot for me to mount some lights (eventually) and also then I can use it to carry stuff.

Magically, a beautiful roof rack from Jtsmith's truck appeared on mine.

At some point, I also decided that I needed an overhead console. I now have one of those and I can tell you the temperature, and the direction I am heading.

I have additionally upgraded the audio, with a Sony head unit and alpine r's in the front doors. I also have an assortment of subs that I am constantly changing out for one reason or another. To also effect the interior sound, I have put down sound deadener on the whole floor and door panels. It really reduces road noise, along with making it nicer to go camping in (feels a little softer)

As for exhaust, I thought I wanted it loud. After experimenting with many exhaust setups, I realized that I have the v6 and nothing will sound really good and not drone. I am now running a near stock sounding muffler. It is slightly louder.

I also recently painted the grill black to break up the mass of white on the vehicle. I also removed the orange corner reflectors. Along with that, I am also running 35% tint all around.

Also, to change the look up I also painted my wheels a dark gunmetal color.


Soon I will be installing shackles, cranking the torsion bars up in front, and hopefully AAL. Then, after that maybe I can find some way to get around another inch of lift, but I have not decided how yet. Then hopefully in the summer of 08 some bigger tires will be in sight. After all, the ones I have now need to be it is a great reason to upgrade size.

Current list of modifications:

*Overhead console installed, pulled from a junker
*Speakers, and a Sony headunit
*Center console & vents black
*Uniden 510xl CB
*Sound deadener
*A-Pillar handles
*Rear seat bottoms removed, because when I fold down the rear seats they stick up and it's a pain
*White gauges
Here is a contemplation of the interior put together with Autostitch


Interior again...after changing some things black and mounting the A-Pillar handles

(no CB mounted in this one)

*35% tint all around
*31x10.5 A/T tires
*TT/Shackles lift
*Bumper valence removed
*Lights on bumper
*Mounty roof rack
*Stock deerhoofs painted gloss black
*Clear corners, orange reflector removed from stock lamps

Adding more pictures..some are new, some are old. Just throwing in some of my favorites.

When I drove into a field covered in long grass, unkowing there was a tall drop off with a creek because the grass covered it

Before going through big mud pits, I hook up my tow strap, so I won't need to climb out in the deep water and try and hook up in case I get stuck

Now some mud...

Dang, I need to park by civics. My explorer looks tiny by this huge F-150

Little flex on a trail

Parked in a park (heh. Nothing cool about this one, I just like it.)

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Very nice Charlie. About going mudding. With all that snow it may be later then sooner.

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Did you remove the rear sway bar?

I was going to a while ago, but the bolts were rusted on good, and I didn't mess with it at the time. So, for now it is still on. Once it gets nice out again, I will remove it.

Oh, but my tires sure don't stick out. I would like to make them, though, sometime (cough spacers cough)

Today I was stuck doing a little "powdering"

looks nice charlie

I like the black on white theme if its your theme, If not I still really like it a lot its what I went for on my Explorer...

Were kinda alike...I think...Haha...

Yeah, I was actually going for the black and white theme. I think I might go back to my black rims this summer, either that or get new ones. The color they were, was more of a gunmetal, and it didn't look as good as gloss black. We will see what I do this spring, I guess.
I might go for these:

That would look awesome, i want to do black and white on my daily but black rims would get eating alive with all the salt here.

You all are having a lot of fun! In snow, in rivers... enjoy! The vehicle looks great! How do you see the road with all that snow?

It's usually plowed better. If it snows hard, you just need to follow other tracks, look for the curb, and pray:D

Oh, and I stay away from rivers...those are bad. You know, moving current and all.

You really shouldn't have too much trouble in snow, 4x4 should be good? A week ago or something we got over a foot of now.. I drove into delta, 100 miles from Fairbanks.. I didn't have any problems other than the moose I had to dodge at 60mph.

We only get limited areas like that... then you hit roads with no snow, then all snow on the ground. Then you go back to the city and it's 75 and sunny, and then everybody gets bored. Only in the mountains... all we get is pavement. The Midwest is a lot more fun than you all let on... I think CA is a socialist state, compared to what all you guys can do... we can't do half that. If it snowed in the cities here, there would be a law against driving in it.... sheesh.

You know, my chair is only flammable in California, so it is safe here.:p: There are some weird laws there.

I'm surprised there are places for people to go offroading here... I better go before it's outlawed...

Update time:
**First post updated


CB finally installed solid. No more hooking it up via cigarette plug.


Some interior parts painted black.

Also, I am back on the stock wheels, but they are a gloss black now.

Current things in plans:
Body lift?
Some type of front bumper bar, either replacement bumper, or just a bar
Removing fender flares
Taillight CB mount
Cragar soft 8's
Diamond plate floormats/foot boards

Lookin' good! (Ya gotta run those wires out of sight... temporary fix?

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Lookin' good! (Ya gotta run those wires out of sight... temporary fix?

Haha, overhead console & foglight switch wires.:p: I need to run them through the firewall one of these days.