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Charlie's Elite Registry

To start out, my name is Charlie and I am from Eau Claire Wisconsin. I am also a student at UW-Stout majoring in mechanical design. I have been elite for some time and think it is about time to create a registry.

Originally I had wanted to lower my X and make it performancy, but then I realized that that won't happen, and I have always loved big trucks. So, that is what I will slowly go for.

I have a 1996 Explorer Sport, which I have been driving for several years now. There are no major changes, due to lack of funds. Therefore, for now most all that I can do are cheap/free mods that are for appearance sake.
Back when I got it it looked something like this:

I will try to dig up some better pictures to show later, but I am on my laptop, not my main computer with pictures.
Some point about a year ago, I decided I wanted a roof rack for many reasons. I think SUV's look better with them, plus then it is a spot for me to mount some lights (eventually) and also then I can use it to carry stuff.

Magically, a beautiful roof rack from Jtsmith's truck appeared on mine.

At some point, I also decided that I needed an overhead console. I now have one of those and I can tell you the temperature, and the direction I am heading.

I have additionally upgraded the audio, with a Sony head unit and alpine r's in the front doors. I also have an assortment of subs that I am constantly changing out for one reason or another. To also effect the interior sound, I have put down sound deadener on the whole floor and door panels. It really reduces road noise, along with making it nicer to go camping in (feels a little softer)

As for exhaust, I thought I wanted it loud. After experimenting with many exhaust setups, I realized that I have the v6 and nothing will sound really good and not drone. I am now running a near stock sounding muffler. It is slightly louder.

I also recently painted the grill black to break up the mass of white on the vehicle. I also removed the orange corner reflectors. Along with that, I am also running 35% tint all around.

Also, to change the look up I also painted my wheels a dark gunmetal color.


Soon I will be installing shackles, cranking the torsion bars up in front, and hopefully AAL. Then, after that maybe I can find some way to get around another inch of lift, but I have not decided how yet. Then hopefully in the summer of 08 some bigger tires will be in sight. After all, the ones I have now need to be it is a great reason to upgrade size.

Current list of modifications:

*Overhead console installed, pulled from a junker
*Speakers, and a Sony headunit
*Center console & vents black
*Uniden 510xl CB
*Sound deadener
*A-Pillar handles
*Rear seat bottoms removed, because when I fold down the rear seats they stick up and it's a pain
*White gauges
Here is a contemplation of the interior put together with Autostitch


Interior again...after changing some things black and mounting the A-Pillar handles

(no CB mounted in this one)

*35% tint all around
*31x10.5 A/T tires
*TT/Shackles lift
*Bumper valence removed
*Lights on bumper
*Mounty roof rack
*Stock deerhoofs painted gloss black
*Clear corners, orange reflector removed from stock lamps

Adding more pictures..some are new, some are old. Just throwing in some of my favorites.

When I drove into a field covered in long grass, unkowing there was a tall drop off with a creek because the grass covered it

Before going through big mud pits, I hook up my tow strap, so I won't need to climb out in the deep water and try and hook up in case I get stuck

Now some mud...

Dang, I need to park by civics. My explorer looks tiny by this huge F-150

Little flex on a trail

Parked in a park (heh. Nothing cool about this one, I just like it.)

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sux bout your rust:D

The only "plus" side of having the rust, is that half of the holes are gone, so I won't need to fill them in:p:

lol, Are you going to do the work yourself or have a body man do it?

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I'm going to give it a try myself, and see how it goes. I've got a friend who is really good with these types of things too, if I need it.

^I'll see what that stuff is capable of:D

Yeah, I'm going to try it myself first too since it isn't no show truck but still want to try to get it looking descent.

Pardon the interruption:

But whatever happen to going black on the wheels?

Well, I was wondering how long until somebody asked that. It's still up in the air if the final will be silver or black.

White and Black :thumbsup:

PS - I am extremely biased towards black rims, i'm obessed with them.

Installed grill mesh today:


Since I have a 96, and the hood release is in the grill, I bent the release lever a little bit, and then made a small cut so it would have enough room to open:

Well, an update from what else I got done today.

I got the grill mesh in (yes, I know that is what the last post is, but I still did that today:p:). After that, I did a little touch up work on back. I hit the tails with more clear, and now they are nice and glossy. I also painted the rear pillars, so they are now black again, instead of gray. It looks a lot better. I also sprayed the rear latch handle, so that is black again. While doing that, I finally removed the black crap under the "Explorer" logo in the rear (visible in post #52). Still have no idea what that is from, but it's gone now, so who really cares. Pictures of the rear pillars black again and such tomorrow. I'm tired now, and don't feel like taking any pictures.:p:

About the black wheels: I am still planning on going with black aftermarket wheels soon, but for now, I am just leaving the stock ones silver. It just seems wrong to paint stock wheels, for some reason. Don't know why :dunno:


Where'd you get the mesh? Another Explorer?


Where'd you get the mesh? Another Explorer?

Joe Dirt was able to get one from a junk yard near him for free, and shipped it out to me.:thumbsup::thumbsup: So, yes, another explorer.

Well, just went out and snapped some pics of what I did yesterday..

Rear pillars are now black again, along with the rear door handle. The crap from under the explorer logo is also gone now. You can also see that the rear lights are nice and glossy now.

For time being, I just sprayed this black. I believe I will be putting body filler in here to smooth it out, along with the holes on the body, then will be spraying the bottom half (below that groove in the body) black once that is all done.

:thumbsup: on the mesh! :D

I had to cut the same type of access for my hood release.

Went out and about today..a few new pictures.



Now for a lil' flex..


Doesn't look that steep, but boy it was! Sure felt unstable! I was a little worried there at first...climbed out reeeaal slow. I kinda wonder how much farther it could have gone before flopping..

Newest addition/change
License plate frame:D

Changed Ford logos from corporate blue to black

Added "Explorer Sport" badge. Picture also shows black along the bottom.



Nice improvements, how ya been Charlie?

Dammit, I need to get some clears...

Been doing pretty good. You could just remove the orange reflectors from the corners. That's what I did.

How about the sound system? What's going on there?

How about the sound system? What's going on there?

Sony something headunit with 4 speakers, and a big sub in back. It rumbles nicely. The speakers are currently rockford somethings. The sub is an RE 15" sub, now the company is known as "FI". Aux input on headunit comes from 80gig Ipod, which I use 90% of the time I am in the car for music.

Now time to post my new favorite picture.

I don't know what's with the whole "explorer's roll over easy" fiasco. I have proof to say otherwise...:D

Apparently there was a drop off in this field...with a creek running through it. Apparently the drop off was covered by undergrowth, so you couldn't see the ledge, word on the street has it:D

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Been there done that with my 73 Land Cruiser riding along power trails. Nice pic.