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Chasiss swap, V6 4WD to V8 AWD


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August 12, 2013
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1998 Explorer XLT AWD
I have a 53 PU that I built several years ago on a 1996 XLT V6 4WD. The PU has all the systems of the original Explorer operational except the CD /Radio and door locks. It is in need of major work on engine and trans. I bought a donner 1998 V8 AWD to change out the chassis. I will raise the PU off the V6 and roll the V8 chassis under it. The only remaining parts of the V6 will be the Dash, heater A/C and instruments which are welded into the PU body. All other elements of the running gear will be 1998 AWD. I am not sure what items will be non compatible. Do you think I can use the V6 dash or will I need to change out any harnesses or instruments to get it to plug in?
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