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Chaz's 95 XLT

name: chaz gabage
location: vineland, NJ
Year: 1995
model: XLT
e-mail: hopefully it will soon be
webpage: n/a right now me and friend are making a page for my truck and his blazer.

im kinda new to the site and i wanna register and hopefully become an elite explorer. i dont have any pics yet but i will get some real soon. maybe this friday(todays wendsday). i got a 4.0 engine, helix power tower, flowmaster cat back exhaust(duals), LUND hood scoops, headlight covers(styleyes), removed front "bumber" that outlined fog lights and remounted fog lights in the real bumber...that hole in middle(right next to liceance plate), fender flares, grey exterior, grey clothes interior, removed pinstripe, tires/wheels on the way, getting 31' wrangler ATs, removed sidesteps, and pioneer head unit with 2 12' kicker subs and 800watt amp. pretty sure thats it. hopefully have pictures friday for u all.

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also when i get 31s in im going to do TT and shackles.

oh yea...

also have grille inserts. and soon ill have strobe lights in them that i can put color lenses on, so ill prob. make them blue strobes.

SWEET!!! NEW BLOOD ;) hehe... Welcome to the site, I assure you, you will LOVE this site and 4wheeling.... Explorians are a SPECIAL breed of people :)

yea i already love the site...and exploring...both are the best! sites very helpful...and fun to show off new things ive done to my explorer :)

Hey Chaz, welcome to the site!
Where'd you get your Flowmaster duals? I've been looking around for exhaust for my '96 4.0 and that's exactly what I want!
Oh and another thing, did you notice any performance improvement with the helix power tower? I contemplated getting one a while back, but was unable to find someone to give feedback on it.

power tower...

i couldnt really tell any HP gain from it cause i put it in right after my dad brought home my truck with the exhaust on it. but i did notices an improvement on throttle resposnce. whether its from the exhaust or the power tower. i got my exhaust done at meineke. the place with george forman in there commercials "ur get alot but u wont pay alot" those guys...they did nice job

i wanna be elite registered...what i do?

Dead Link Removed

some pics of my ex

Umm, Im not seeing any pics on that page.