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Cheap sound dampening: Free sample!


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November 23, 1999
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Guys, order your free sample and let us know what you think if you try it out. I ordered my free sample yesterday and will let you know what I think when it comes in. I have tried the roofing material method before. It may have been effective but it was also very messy! I want to try this stuff on my Explorer. Here's the link:

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I'm not sure if you read all of the info on the free sample or not, but you do know your getting a envelope sized sample, right?

Jim Ferrarini
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Hopfully it is enought to go around a speaker hole... So go two mail to different addresses... I can test it in our XLt.

Kris Guilbeaux
1992 Navajo Lx 5-speed
attempting 4x4 convertion
my site has moved!!!!

That's still not enough. Get your whole family to ask for a free sample, and then you do your whole car! Dead Link Removed

or buy a roll and sell what you dont use Dead Link Removed

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Yeah, I realize the sample is only about the size of an envolope. Guys from another message board have said that some of their's were even smaller, about 3X3 inches. At any rate, I will analyze this sample to determine if it is worth ordering the entire roll. I have read many positive posts from guys who have already used this stuff. I'll post what I think when it comes in.

I got my sample and is looks OK. It is very small about 3x3" Not enought to do any thing with. but IF I got a roll I could finish my car and do the intire XLt. But it is not the quality of the roadkill brand... So far Roadkill is the best brand I have tryed and it cost me $35 for the amount to do the tailgate...

Kris Guilbeaux
1992 Navajo Lx 5-speed
attempting 4x4 convertion
my site has moved!!!!


What is the difference b/t brands? Why would Roadkill be better than Dynamat?

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It was easier to use and in is thinner but still kills vibration great. It is what I used on my tailgate...

Kris Guilbeaux
1992 Navajo Lx 5-speed
attempting 4x4 convertion
my site has moved!!!!

what the #$%@ am i supposed to do with this? how can a test with a piece of mat half the size of an envelope?

What the hell! I'm still waiting for my sample! My incredibly old mail lady must have put my mail in my neighbor's box again! I better go next door and make sure they are not using it as a coaster or something! Anyways, as far as I can tell from their website this stuff looks pretty easy to use. And at this price I can apply multiple layers to make my Explorer solid! I just want to take a closer look, via the free sample, before I commit.

I'm deffinetly going to get a roll it has as adhesion and good dampning,and at that price I can do the whole truck.I think that should be enough right?

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