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Cheaper KKN style intake


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November 3, 1999
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94 4X4 XLT 4 Door
Check out E-bay. There is an ad for a KKN style intake for $40. You can pick your color also. Dead Link Removed

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This looks like a company advertising their product by placing it for bid. I called the number and got a machine, I e-mailed for more info. If it will fit my 94 I will buy one to try it out. For $40 why not!

let us know what you find out i am interested in it if not ill go and get the kkm

I noticed it does not mention having a C.A.R.B. number. Maybe you should ask about this before you buy.

Bill Collins
93 Ranger XLT 4X4

i saw the auction a few weeks ago, and thoughtr long and hard about it. my concern is in the quality of the filter? how do you know that the filter is actually "filtering" atleast with kkm or k&n their reputation speaks for itself. just my .02

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I'm still waiting to hear back. I think for $40 dollars and if they have a return policy, you can't go wrong. If it flows poorly thats bad but I cant think of any engine damage it might cause. I'll post as soon as I hear somthing.

I'm still waiting to hear back. I think for $40 dollars and if they have a return policy, you can't go wrong. If it flows poorly thats bad but I cant think of any engine damage it might cause. I'll post as soon as I hear somthing.

Yeah I agree with ScottC. I am somewhat leary about the product. Mine as well spent a couple more bucks and get an intake that you know will work. But keep us posted and let us know how it works out.

James K
94 Eddie Bauer 4x4
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Got one of these for my 94 Explorer 4.0 off ebay

Dead Link Removed

If link doesn`t work, the seller`s name is - redfueldelux

I was happy with it, and really noticed the increased pull in my power range. As a matter of fact the difference really shocked me.
I have no other engine mods, but if I can get another gain like that I may try an aftermarket ignition system.

My only beef would be that it is pretty tight in there, and the rubber on the mount side of K&N filter I bought had to bend a little off center to squeeze in beside the fuse box there. I don`t see it affecting the performance of the filter though.
If the adaptor had a 40 to 45 degree bend in it, it would be mutch better.

-Jim from BC

Hi all!

I think from reading the auction that the filter is not included. So you can buy any high quality filter you would like and not worry about the problems of a poor quality filter. I think this would be a way to get the full tube intake talked about in other threads cheaper. Just buy the the tube and buy this adapter add a filter and save a few bucks with the same result!


I didnt see the picture but keep us posted on how it goes and I bid on one of those adapters that you ad your own cone to and got outpid but that is ok. I want a nice looking intake but dont want to spend alot of money doing so. If the intake is not going to your front bumper or out the fender it is not actually working correctly. This is because all you are doing with a cone that is in your engine compartment is sucking in engine heat not cold air and that is what you want to do to gain more horsepower. Sucking in hot air isnt going to do the trick.:nono:

At any speed above about 20 mph the cone filter will be getting air from the front of the truck more than warm engine air. You are correct though, that cold air is better than warm air. Though lots of warm engine air from an open cone filter is better than a little cold air through the stock airbox.

I agree with Alec, although I haven`t been crawling along a trail in mid summer with it yet. It might get pretty darn hot in there. Been pondering a hood scoop. but it rains too much around here and I worry that it might allow water into the engine compartment.
If you like sporty, and won`t be off-road too much, I can`t see it being a problem.

I did the drilled airbox and K&N filter trick with my 5.0 Mustang and did not notice any big difference. It was dissapointing and a waste of time, in my opinion.

That guy on ebay sells those adapters one after the other. If you had a welder and some aluminum, I`d say make your own, It doesn`t look that hard at all. Or maybe you know someone?

Jim from BC

Oh also,
A cone open element filter will create less suction through the stock airscoop. Mine has let me cross rivers well over my bumper without any problems. If I had a closed airbox, I couldn't do this:


I also have psuedo ram-air via dryer hoses routed to the bumper. The key is that they don't create any suction. I also have an aluminum heatshield against header heat.


I`ve heard about removing the inner fender skirts to improve ventilation into the engine compartment, when you have a cone. Do you figure it would be a bad Idea if you were playing in water?

Jim from BC

Oh yeah, any pics of the heat shield? I don`t have a welder, but could easily fab a shield.

Jim from BC

Sorry I don't have any pics of the heatshield and my digicam is on the fritz. I would NOT remove the fender liner, this will just invite mud and water to be thrown into the engine bay. As for the shield, its a sheet of aluminum doubled and bent in half. The bottom is screwed into the 'floor' under the air filter, and it extends up to right under the MAS. It's pretty rigged, but it works well.