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CheapThrill's Offroad


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January 7, 2006
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City, State
Middleville, MI (Gun Lake)
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93 Explorer Sport
West Michigan (Yankee Springs, Gun Lake Area mostly)

CheapThrill's Off-Road is a club that was started about 3 months ago, by myself and two friends, currently we are still in the development stages as far as everything goes other then a weekend title for ourselves. Currently I suppose one could say there are 6-12 members, these are the more dedicated members.

93 Ford EX Sport (myself) /
89 Jeep Cherokee (Brad) <-----Founding Members
91 Jeep Cherokee (Andy) \

91 Ramcharger (Kevin & Shawn)
89 Ramcharger (Chuck)
75 Chevy Pick-up (Aaron)
Wrangler TJ (Adam)

We get together almost every weekend with the exception of 20 degree of colder weather or weekend's off needed for repairs to the rigs, most of us have trail rigs only that we use only for recreation, others are more DD's. There are always a few extra's that join us from time to time.

B2Bomber has in the past
Holshtracer has a few diffferent times

Our rigs aren't your hardcore rigs with lockers or major mods etc....
Brad, Andy, and myself all spent less then $560 on our individual rigs, we enjoy Mud mostly, Hills, Sand, etc, unfortantly there just isn't any rocks in our area.
We hope that we can grow as a club and every week our rigs get just a little closer to be those hardcore awesome rigs

Here is the founding father's of CheapThrill's Off-Road
Andy, John, Brad in picture


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Good Luck. Whats that old saying "From a small acorn ..........

you guys sould come up with a logo and i'll see if i could cut some stickers out for you. you'll have toi let me know when youguys are running again.

yeah this weeknd, sunday, exact time not set yet

Here is Kevins Ride

Aaron's Truck

Bob's Truck

Chuck's Truck

Tim's Truck

Adam's Truck

Ray's Truck (my old Rig, sold in an auction, to Ray,)

havent heard anything in 4 years. is this still open? id like to get in on this if possible