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check engine codes P0340 P0443


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May 21, 2011
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pittsburgh pa
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97 mountaineer
1997 Mountaineer 5.0 liter 140,000 miles. Check engine light on for over a year. Checked codes and P0340 (cam position sensor) and P0443 (evap purge control valve fault) came up. Car runs fine, mileage bad but has always been bad. Pulled battery terminal to reset CEL. CEL stays off until car is turned off and then restarted. CEL comes back on. Garage could be anything (wiring, computer, etc) and may not necessarily be what codes say. Anyone have any ideas?

Don't know the voltage. Just got the results for the code reader from the garage. Saw post about possible bad alternator so I pulled battery cable to reset CEL, restarted car to verify no CEL. Disconnected the alternator from the battery and restarted the car. CEL came back on. Does this eliminate bad alternator as cause for P0340?