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Check Engine light flashing!!!


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November 22, 2010
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Palm Harbor, FL
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'04 xls
I have an 04 Explorer and the check engine light has been going on and off for a few months. Had it checked a while ago and it was the egr valve, no big deal. Today the light started flashing and the car started shaking pretty good. Had the car towed to ford. Waiting to hear from them. Any ideas? Bad Coils?

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Most likely a bad plug or bad plug wire.

You should post your problem here BEFORE taking it to the dealer. You could fix that problem for less than $10 and the dealer will probably charge you at least ten times that amount....:rolleyes:

I asked about possible coil problems and he said definetly not the issue. He says that there is no compression in 2 cylinders. Now only option is for them to do a complete pressure check and just the test will cost $300. How much trouble am i in?

Get a second opinion. Have it towed somewhere else. However the 4.0 liters do have timing chain issues. so it is possible that the chain sliped and bent valves.

I have a 2002 Ford Explorer XLT with 170,000 miles. Yesterday car lost power and began to shake and check engine light began to flash. Someone behind me said my vehicle had a strong gas smell. Picked up a diagnostci tool and told misfire detected on startup and cylinders 1,2,and 3 misfired (P0316,P0301,P0302 and P0302). Changed out my ignition coil and everything seems fine (power back, no check engine light and car not shaking). Hope this helps anyone who has this problem.