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Check engine light?????

j greathouse

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September 9, 1999
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well ive checked plugs wires air intake system, and still nothing I did notice that my over flow resivor was bone dry. but I just flushed my system two months ago and last week it was fine about the time the faithful check engine light has come on. My idle is sorta rough now and Im still hearing tha grinding noise under the hood. My exhaust also smells unsuall also like somthing isnt burning right. could it be that somehow im leaking antifreeze into my motor causing it to burn up and smell like !@#%$. iis this possible the grinding sound, sounds like it could be a bearing going bad in my water pump.. any help would be great.

j, My '91 EB check engine light started coming on about ten minutes into a trip. After new O2 sensor, plugs, wires, thermostat. No help. I finally replaced the pressure regulator. That fixed the problem. Mine also smelt very bad at an idle. Hope this helps