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Check engine light


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October 12, 2023
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Tucson AS
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09 Ford Explorer Sportrac
I have a 2009 Explorer Sport trac 4.0 2wd, check engine light. 1st obd code po443, then po135, 141, 155, 161, 403. Runs the same as always, no change in mpg. Anybody have this or know what it could be? Any help is very greatly appreciated!







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Hi, I had a similar issue with my explorer. Took it to Ford garage and they said my PCM has partially failed. picked one up for a couple of hundred dollars, got it programmed and now fixed.

I'm new here, but I had the same exact codes you are getting. Sent my PCM to SIA in Illinois for repair, about 250 I think with shipping, they repaired it and shipped it back, no reprogramming necessary. Cured all my check engine lights.

IMO, you likely have one issue in your emission control system that is tripping all these codes. The first thing I would do is check and/or replace your gas cap as a first step.

Always check to make sure your battery is up to snuff. Low juice can do all kinds of weird stuff. So in other words, check the easy stuff first.