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Check engine lite


Bill Lammers

How do I access the engine trouble codes without any test equiptment? Then how do i reset the engine lite? Light came on after a fill up. 96 302 v-8 Help, wife mad that i used her suv



Check out my post in General Explorations. My light came on the day after the wife filled car up (96 EB V8 AWD). Cost me $35.00 to find out she left the gas cap loose, which set off the Evaporative Pressure Sensor (hookup to scanner cost)
Check out that gas cap
She is no longer allowed to put gas in my Explorer.
I haven't found a scanner for a 96 yet. Probably come out next year...you can reset the code by disconnecting the negative battery cable for 5 mins, but you lose Keep Alive Memory, and may have driveability problems for a few miles until it relearns.