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Check Engine: P0340


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July 2, 2018
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98 Explorer V8 AWD
Dora the explorer
Another day, Another engine light, but this time, not what I expected. This truck constantly has a check engine for something, normally emissions- 0401 or 0420. Got a new manifold and other exhaust leak fixed an haven't seen those codes since, which is good. Drove the truck a fair amount today, and pop goes the light again, which is nothing new for me.
First a little back round on the truck. It's a 5.0, and I've had it for over two years. When I got it, it had 5 codes, and I do believe this was one of them, or something similar. Anyway, ended up replacing the cam synchronizer, and sensor. Now your suppose to put it at top dead center i believe and mark it and stuff like and well, I don't think I did that 100% correctly. I was younger and didn't have much experience, and don't remember all what went on, but I messed with it for awhile trying to put it in there, and remember not being completely satisfied with it.
So, issues I have had with the truck for quite awhile, hard/long startups, especially when warmed up, also sometimes coupled with sputtering or uneven cranking, like it starts to run but not quite for another second or two. Also 3k RPM area, a hesitation, sputter, miss, or loss of power type thing, sometimes, more so under hard accelerations. Other then that, thing runs pretty good, MPG is fine, power is good.
P0340 States "Camshaft Position Sensor A Circuit Bank 1 or Single Sensor"
Let me know what you guys are thinking...