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Check Oil Light


January 9, 2008
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Kalamazoo, MI
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1994 XL 4x4
Ok, I'm 6 hours away from home and my kid is driving the 94 XL when the CHeck Oil light comes on. He says it's yellow or amber in color NOT red. I have him check the oil and it's fine. He also says the oil pressure gauge reads normal and the engine is not making any abnormal noises. I can't recall right now but is this an idiot light that basically trips after so long to tell you to change your oil?

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its a switch to tell you are low 1 liter of oil. the switch is on the oil pan. its nothing more then a float valve. so the wire could have broken off an is touching the pan tripping the light to come on.

OK. Well now he says it went out. I'll have to check it when I get back.

it could be down almost a liter. did he check the oil level with the motor off? i know strange question but iv seen people check it while running.

Not only check it when it's off, but let it sit for a bit so the oil drains back into the pan.
Sometimes when I'm a bit low and parked on an incline, the light will come on, but as mentioned above, it's due for around a quart when it lights, even if it goes back out for a bit.

Oil level is fine. that's the first thing I had him check and it was off on level ground and had been sitting for 15-20 mins or more.

If it's yellow or amber, that is most likely the ABS light, not an oil light.....My '94 doesn't have any other yellow warning light than the ABS.

Correction..mine does have the amber low oil light...just never had it come on..:confused:.