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Check out my reverse lights and LED tail light bar!


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January 31, 2007
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Salem, MA
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'00 Monterey Mountaineer
A couple weeks ago I installed an LED light bar and some reverse lights.



The LED light bar is attached to the lift gate. I ran the wires up inside and next to the flex conduit for the rear wiper wires. I works with the running lights, the brake lights and the directional.

The reverse lights are Hella FF75 I welded them to the Thule roof rack. They are wired to a three position switch up front. The positions are: bottom, on with reverse lights, middle, off, top, on.



And at night... The LEDs are MUCH brighter than they look in this picture.



What do you think? Questions welcome!


I like, great job on the reverse lights!

Could you explain how you did the wiring on the lights? What all did you tap into to set the switch up like that? I'm very interested in doing the same.

The lights go directly to a relay. From the relay it does to the three position switch. I tapped into the stock reverse lights and that wires goes to the bottom position of the switch. So when the swtich is in the down position and the reverse lights come on, the Hellas come on. The middle position is off. The top position brings power from a constant hot to the relay. Hope that helps, I can draw a diagram if you want.

looks awesome keep up good work