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Check out these sliders.


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January 28, 2000
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1991 Eddie
A guy on FSB got pretty creative while building these.
Seems like a lot of work, but it would probably work for you Sport owners... :dunno:

Sliggity slider thread.

Here's a teaser.


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Dammit... ok hang on. I'll put them in this post.


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That's awesome! A tubing bender and metal brake are on my to get list.

The bar that has the "striker" at the door is cool, but if the door hinges ever go bad or the body flexes, the bar won't let the door shut.

That has some serious hours in design and fabrication. Somebody make some :)

There have been quite a few times where I got my BII so twisted up and the body flex was enough to already make it hard to open the door, but isn't that what windows are for? hahaha
I mean in those spots usually you dont want to be getting out anyways.

I see the bar as adding strength to the body and reducing the cab flex slightly, but I also see the bar on these sliders is probably not even needed.

Its obvious to me he was looking to maximize ground clearance under the rocker, which is a great idea on a Bronco, the break over angle is one of its best features, (with the short wheel base) and taking some of that away with low hanging sliders is a draw back.

I applaud the work on these suckers, everyone who comes after will always have some criticism for the design, what I do know is that is one nice bronco! Especially if he puts this kind of work/detail into everything else.....

What I would have done differently is ditched the fancy grade 8 bolts on the body and used about 3 times as many, smaller ones, to help spread the load from slider to sheet metal. I am guessing in person these things are likely stronger then they look, and they look pretty stout!

Is the passenger side done yet? hahaha

MMMMM maybe I'll look into doing something like this on my 95 XLT Good thing I work with a world class restorer/ streetrod builder/fabricator.


It would be a little narrow on the rear but should be able to figure something out.


I looked on FSB and he got them done and painted. They came out very nice. He has the tubes slide in each other for the door to open and close with some really nice hardware. He bolted the 1/4" plate to the body behind the door and painted the whole thing black. It is very, very nice work.

Umm those are Rad! Looks like Poison Spyders Jeep Rocker knockers