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Check out this deal I got!!!

Well, finally got her up on the roof. The paint got all fubar from the wrench, but I'll fix that soon enough. Here's a close up of the mounting:

Question though, I've noticed the possibility for the U-Bolts to cut into the roof once the tire is placed onto the rack, which I really don't want, so I'm looking for suggestions on how to fix this. I was thinking strips of rubber or polyurethane, laying them between the bolt ends and the roof, but what do you guys think?

Why are the washers on your U bolt on the top side of the support bar? They seem to be doing nothing.

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Why are the washers on your U bolt on the top side of the support bar? They seem to be doing nothing.

Nope, they're not doing a god damned thing. By the time I got done punching my truck, cursing at people walking by my house, and seeing nothing but red at how annoying mounting this stupid thing was, I stopped caring at all, and finished torquing them down. Another $3.20 I wasted on adding onto the POS :rolleyes: And I am way too lazy to take them off, it already looks like garbage, so I don't even care anymore :p:

Ok, so, I cannot find this for the life of me, but what in the hell is a curved washer actually called? Obviously since the light bar is cylindrical, I need curved washers to compensate for movement in the bolts, but there apparently is no name for these washers... any help would be greatly appreciated on what these are called/where I can buy them (HD and Lowes didn't have them at all). Thanks in advance guys. :salute:

Woo, got my light covers painted a couple days ago, pretty satisfied with how they turned out!



Also, kinda-sorta solved my problem with the curved washers. I bought a piece of round galvanized steel piping, cut it in half, heated the washers, and pounded them to the mold. Worked out fairly well, they will work for the time being :p: Waiting for finals to get over this week, then I'm gonna finish cutting up the steel reinforcing, buy wiring and relays, then mount these bad boys up within two weeks (fingers crossed) I've been reading up on relays/wiring and what not and have decided to go with two 30A relays, hopefully this will suffice for my application. I also hope to get some pics of my lights up as well. I painted those black, and due to it being a light coat, the chrome is still showing through, giving it a really neat black chrome effect :cool: