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October 24, 2012
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2002 Sport Trac
Hey hows it going;

I just joined this forum 3 days ago after purchasing this 2002 model. It took me a couple days to get the necessary paper work together and now its sitting in my driveway :)

Just seeing how this compares to some other 2002 models. Some highlights include


- 4x4 model
- Pretty much brand new tires
- Factory Pioneer stereo
- Super awesome sunroof
- Factory fog lights
- Includes lifetime oil/filter changes
- lockable soft cover tailgate cover thing and cargo extender.


- 186900 KILOMETERS on the odometer
- The running boards need to be sanded and painted STAT
- A couple rust sports but they were sanded/bondo'ed and painted by the previous owner. The guy really seemed like he took care of the car, its very clean throughout except for a few old screw holes in the middle console from a previous CB radio

Anyway I paid $3500 cash money for it, im pretty happy but Im trying to figure out what the actual value is.



Oh and PICS!





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Looks from here like you did well! Unless you're just a fan of running boards you could just remove them. I like mine much better without them.


Im honestly not sure yet, I was thinking of just cleaning them up with a wire brush and spraying them matte grey or black.

well I bought mine with 123,000 kms on it for 11,500 its an 03 and I bought it 3.5 years ago. now it has over 230,000 on it a little worse for wear but good none the less, and I would ask 5000 for mine if I were to sell it.

Well if anyone is in the market, $7900 will get mine with only 86,000 in it....4x4. Brush guard not included. :D That's why I say you got a deal on yours Lord_Piot. ;)

I'd say thats a great deal too. I dont even think I could part with mine. I did a value check on NADA for mine back in the summer an as an 01 with 130K miles on it they still say I can get ~$4500 for it. That's before counting all the extras on it now.

I second ncranchero about the steps. I took mine off back when I was stock because I ended up just getting my pants dirty on them instead of using them. Plus it made it look cleaner and higher IMO.

I like the bedliner idea guess I got a new job to add to my long list.