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Chevy high reving?


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March 15, 2008
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93 XLT
Ok 2001 Chevy Venture.. It is always high reving, really high, even with foot off of gas, when in gear the rev will calm down a little bit, however back in park and n it will rev high like your holding it down.

what should i start looking at?

has new battery cause it sat over winter and killed the battery (it did it before the battery)

also has a check battery light on but battery is new and alternator checked fine.


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July 2, 2014
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2002 Silverado 2500HD
Sounds like the ol' lower intake manifold gasket or some form of vacuum leak. The LIMG usually has excessive coolant loss to go along with it, along with a sweet smell out of the exhaust, a gunked up oil filler cap and milky oil, but sometimes it just sucks in unmetered air (air entering the engine after the MAF sensor) and causes idle/driving issues.

I'd find some starting fluid or air intake cleaner and spray it around the manifold, the vacuum lines and the intake hoses, anywhere that air could possibly enter or escape and listen for the engine to rev higher or bog down. If it does either, you have found the area of your leak. Just spray in a tiny, light, mist so that you don't get excess spray onto electronics and that the fine spray can find it's way into the air intake better (if a leak is present).

If it is your LIMG (which is a big problem for the 3100, 3400 series 60* GM V6's), then replace it with a Fel-Pro problem solver gasket, as it's an MLS gasket as opposed to the crappy plastic gaskets GM originally used in these engines. They work fine in the LS engines because there is no coolant flowing past them.

If you're having battery issues, try checking the main cables that run from the battery, make sure they are tight, not brittle, the grounds are clean and connected properly to the engine block and frame.