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Chief Tons of new mods!!! Good Ones!!!!

Hello Everyone,
Long time no talk..... Anyway, I have been doing some work. A Lot! I will list in Chronilogical order how this has come about. Then I will Start with the first mod and try to make some nice contributions here for all. Dont worry, detailed reports will come as I report on each Item... There is sort of a lot of explaining........

1) Re-design Radiator support. (finished)
-To Allow for More clearance between engine and for rubber Isolator
-Re- Paint Rad Support.
2) Fabricate custom Aluminum Radiator shroud. ( Finished )
-Purchase and install Flex-A-Lite Fan Variable Speed Controller.
-Purchase and install DUAL Spal High- Performance 13" Fans.
3) Modify Ron Davis Radiator. (Finished)
-To Allow For remote filler neck
-To Allow for mounting of new shroud.
4)Fabricate New Front Crossmember. (Finished)
-To Eliminate Frame Flexing
5)Rebuild T-5 Tranny with High Alloy gears ( Finished)
-So It Wont Break Again!!
6)Fab.Gauge Pod for New"factory style" intrument cluster. (Finished)
7)Install Full Autometer Phantom II gauge set.(Went With Sport Comp)
-More power to handle new gear ratios
-Also, ...... ITS MORE FUN!!!

I know that is alot to take in....... I will try to post as I can On the work I already have "(Finished)" and What I am in process with as it happens.\

Yes I will have pics as usuall.... Because otherwise this thread will suck :rolleyes: I know you will have tons of questions, bring em on... But dont get ahead of ourselves (ie; what about the blower??!) as keeping up will be alot of work to begin with. We dont want to make this a mixed up thread that noone can get usefull info out of.

I will try to get pics and info up Wednesday 13th in the late evening!! Talk to you soon!

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thanks, guys i appreciate the positive feedback.

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Back from the DEAD!!!

Hello Peoples,
Yes.... I am still alive. So now I will try to bring this thread back as well.

I had some issues after getting the gauges installed.

I went to TDS 07 wich was held at Ocotilla wells. I didnt like the terrain there at all. Nothing like Truckhaven. I did have fun though. Here is what happened....

I went with a couple freinds. I found myself trying to keep up with my partners in crime. 1 CR 250 . 2 Pre- runner Style rangers. and me. Not the ideal combo :)

So there we went Pre - running through whoops that were 3.5 feet deep. I was pleasantly surprised to see that my truck did pretty awesome considering its not built for that.
A few solid hours of going 45-50 miles an hour through big whoops, finally managed to break something. MY Tranny! I figured that dana 30 was seeing its last days and to my surprise the tranny shifter housing completely split all the way around.

I am uploading the pics right now so I'll be right back....

So here is the carnage.....


  • housing damage.JPG
    housing damage.JPG
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  • shifter housing damage.JPG
    shifter housing damage.JPG
    59.9 KB · Views: 297
  • tranny shifter housing damage.JPG
    tranny shifter housing damage.JPG
    59.8 KB · Views: 293

I also suffered a crack on the main case where a bolt tried to rip out of the threads. Here it is after I prepped it to be welded.


  • main case prepped.JPG
    main case prepped.JPG
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  • Main case prepped for weld.JPG
    Main case prepped for weld.JPG
    60.2 KB · Views: 278

So My buddy welded up the main case, and I drilled and tapped the hole again.....

There wasnt going to be any repair on the shifter housing itself so I bought a new one out of a junkyard. they wanted a hundred bucks but when I got there it had stripped out bolt holes for the shifter... So I got it for 40 bucks.

My buddy welded it and I drilled and tapped again..... I then sandblasted it and painted it semi gloss black to match.


  • new shifter case holes welded.JPG
    new shifter case holes welded.JPG
    60.5 KB · Views: 266

So I was very lucky. The gears that I just installed held up great!!! Nothing else was damaged.

I also found out why this happened. The transfer case is hanging off the back without any support. It seems the weight of this hanging and the bouncing caused the shifter housing to crack and break. I found dents and shiny spots under the body just above the t-case where it had been hitting while boucing. There is about 3-4 inches of clearance, so obviously there is alot of movement there. The stock tranny mount is not good enough.

So what I am going to do is fab a Custom crossmember with a semi-solid mount Like my motor mounts. It will go across the same location, But it will also extend forward to supprot more of the tranny AND it will extend rearward to support the t-case as well.

This will solve the issue and should allow something else to break instead :rolleyes: Heh, did I say that outloud?..... I meant it wont break anymore!!!!!

Everything is back together and running great. I just need to make a new crossmember and that will be all done. I am probably gonna try to get that done this week.

That's some Quality Breakage! :salute:

Yeah it was pretty crazy. I was just glad to see the high alloy gears I just bought werent damaged!

I am going to start a series of new threads, starting very Soon!!! (here in projects) There are a bunch of mods left in the process so I will break them down into individual threads so it will be a little more clear.

Here is what is going on..... Keep on eye on the new threads, I will probably try to do them one at a time until finished.

1) build a new tranny crossmember with integrated support for the
2) install Wideband 02 sensor kit. (preperation for Supercharger)
3) Front fender trimming for more tire room. (actually finished, just
need to do the write up)
4) Install Kenne bell 2.2 Flowzilla with all nesasary components.
5) Fab custom aluminum gas tank for placement where spare tire used
to be. (in preperation for #6)
6) AND for the big one.... Dana 44 and Dana 60 full width axles. I
already purchased them..... (Plans are 3 link front and 4 link rear)

This aught to be fun!!!!