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Chief's 91 XLT explorer.

I just realized I have never posted here....

-91 Xlt explorer.
-Solid Axle swaped with national soft ride leaf springs.
-37"X12.50"X15" super swamper SSR's with 15" American Eagle rims.
#6- 12" fox shocks with resevoirs and billet clamps. 4 front and 2 rear.
- 4.10 gears front and rear, (Lockers coming soon).
-Billet grill, Clear corners ,hood pins, bug deflector, dual cup-holder.
-silver faced gauges that will be sooned changed to Autometer gauges in a
custom dash pod located in the stock location for a clean install.
-5.0 mustang engine, and T-5 5 speed transmission swapped recently.
-Custom Wiring by Brett at "High Planes"
-Long tube headers, 9mm plug wires, K&N conical Filter
-Custom 3" single exhaust with High flow cat and Flowmaster muffler.
-Ron Davis Custom 19" aluminum radiator with no fill neck.
-Custom Ron Davis radiator "header Tank"
-high pollished Stainless Steel overflow cylindric tank.
-15" Flex-a-light Black Magic Fan. 2800 CFM
-94-95 style short water pump assybly with Custom, Designed by myself
aluminum water pump pulley to allow room for Electric fan in between
engine and Rad.
-Advanced adapter for T-5 tranny to explorer T-case to retain push button
4X4. Custom gear shifter made with Black Cobra shift knob.
-Emblems and moldings shaved and entire vehicle painted complete with
PPG original color with clear
-Custom window tinting to rear window and side Quarter panel windows.

Future: too much to list but I did just buy a sick system to make it sound better:) youll have to check out the thread on the install soon.

Truck Handles excellent on and off road. Rides very smooth. Looks clean and I love it!!!!


  • Another flex_WEB.jpg
    Another flex_WEB.jpg
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  • Little flexin.jpg
    Little flexin.jpg
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  • The engine compartment all done.JPG
    The engine compartment all done.JPG
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Lookin Good! Now it's time to enjoy it.

I just realized I have never updated this....

New developments-

-Front Fenders trimmed alot for clearence and lip re-built. Re-painted.

- 91 mustang 5.0L stock longblock for now.
- 2.2 Kenne Bell Polished with bypass. (6psi for now)
- 36lb Ford blue top injectors.
- 77mm pro flow MAF sensor.
- 80mm Ford racing Throttle body (94-95 style)
- 255 lph walbro fuel pump.
- BBK adjustable regulator.
- K&N Large Filter custom cold air set-up.
- Autolite 3924 plugs.. 1 heat range colder than stock. gapped .035
- MSD 6AL with 6000 rpm pill
- MSD Blaster TFI Coil (mustang specific)
- MSD 8.8mm Super Conductor wires.
- MSD cap and rotor.
- Tweecer R/T tuned by ME.

-Deleted Smog Pump.
-4.88 gears w/Locker front &trak-lok in back.(recently broke/going-
back to 4.10's)
-Custom Autometer gauges in-Dash install... Custom... :cool:
-200 Amp Alternator. 0 Gauge Power and Ground wires.

-Custom Aluminum Radiator Shroud with Dual 13" Spal High
Performance Fans.
-Spal Electronic Dual Fan Controller.
-Custom Upper and Lower Aluminum Hard pipes (coolant)

I think thats it... lol


-Real old one of my original V8 Swap-

-Here is the Custom High steer Set-up I built-

-Fender Trimming-

-5.0 Kenne Bell Supercharger-

-Here is a link that includes a whole host of mods including...
1) Re-design Radiator support.
-Re- Paint Rad Support.
2) Fabricate custom Aluminum Radiator shroud.
-install DUAL Spal High Performance 13" Fans.
3) Modify Ron Davis Radiator.
-To Allow For remote filler neck
-To Allow for mounting of new shroud.
4)Fabricate New Front Crossmember.
-To Help Eliminate Frame Flexing
5)Rebuild T-5 Tranny with High Alloy gears
-So It Wont Break Again!!
6)Fab.Gauge Pod for New"factory style" intrument cluster.
7)Install Full Autometer Sport Comp gauge set.

I am in the process of working on A whole custom interior... I have already detroyed... I mean started on my door panels :D They will be fiberglassed to hold 2 5X7 component Infinity sets each... Keep your eyes open for this thread coming soon....

Future upcoming plans are....

-Snow performance water methanol injection... Up the boost to about
10-12psi and re-tune.
-Custom inlet manifold for the Kenne Bell (like a Flowzilla)

-3link front / 4 link rear and install danna 44 and dana 60 Full width
-Lower Center of Gravity.
-Build Fuel Cell.
-Remove 3" Body Lift (will re-quire relocation of engine... mostlikely)

-1354 Doubler install...

-2nd 200 amp alternator.
-2nd Optima Battery.
-Finish whole custom interior...

-finish installing other half of my stereo system.
* 8 sets of (5X7) Infinity components with tweeters.
* 2 Sets of 6.5" Rockford Fosgate components with tweeters.
* 6 Rockford Fosgate 10" HX2 subwoofers (500w RMS Each)
* 851X Fosgate 2 channel Amp ( 850watt)
* 851S Fosgate 4 Channel Amp (850watt)
* 440 watt Hifonics 4 channel amp
* 3000 watt Fosgate Mono Amp.
* Batcap, High performance RCAs, 0 gauge wiring, etc....

and finally some recent pictures....


  • DSC00315.JPG
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  • DSC00313.JPG
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  • DSC00302.JPG
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  • best shot new gauges front.JPG
    best shot new gauges front.JPG
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some more


  • knuckle inside.JPG
    knuckle inside.JPG
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  • finished from front.JPG
    finished from front.JPG
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  • high steer look.JPG
    high steer look.JPG
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  • new knuckle.JPG
    new knuckle.JPG
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These show the ram air I made behind the grill.... I still have to finsh makeing the box around the filter....

You can also see my remote filler for the radiator in this pic. I also made a fan wash deflector sheild you can see here also... This will keep any hot air from the fans going towards the filter.

(one fan is out in the pic because the motor broke...


  • Ram Air behind Grill.JPG
    Ram Air behind Grill.JPG
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  • Behind Grill Rad Shot.JPG
    Behind Grill Rad Shot.JPG
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  • Pass Side Fender Well.JPG
    Pass Side Fender Well.JPG
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  • Pass Side Air Filter.JPG
    Pass Side Air Filter.JPG
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here is the new front radiator support I built to house the shroud and fans.

Pics are top and bottom.... On the bottom there is no lower rad support. The tube is the lower radiator support and an additional crossmember to help with flexing.


  • Lower Radiator support and Front crossmember.JPG
    Lower Radiator support and Front crossmember.JPG
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  • Front Crossmember and rad support.JPG
    Front Crossmember and rad support.JPG
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  • Pass Profile New Rad Support.JPG
    Pass Profile New Rad Support.JPG
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  • Pass FRT New Rad Support.JPG
    Pass FRT New Rad Support.JPG
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here is the radiator mods and fans...


  • Dual Fans and Shroud.JPG
    Dual Fans and Shroud.JPG
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  • Dual Fans Clearance to Accessories.JPG
    Dual Fans Clearance to Accessories.JPG
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  • New Radiator Filler neck.JPG
    New Radiator Filler neck.JPG
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  • New Lower radiator tube.JPG
    New Lower radiator tube.JPG
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couple of shots


  • thats stuffed.JPG
    thats stuffed.JPG
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  • rear flex.JPG
    rear flex.JPG
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  • look at that flex.JPG
    look at that flex.JPG
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  • Peak-A-Boo.jpg
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My chief that's a nice truck. :thumbsup:
Do you by chance have transmission heat issues? How have you addressed it?

No heat issues with a manual trans ;)

I did break the stock T-5 tranny gears though A while back....
I ended up re-building it myself with Super alloy gear sets and An astro performance front bearing retainer.... So far so good after that.

Right now I am down with broken dirvetrain from TDS '09 ... LOL . I should have it patched real soon though and I am going to get to work finishing my door panels. Once that is done I will post up a write up on the fiberglass work... As always I have good pics for the write-up.

Here is a couple of teaser pics...


  • DSC00574.JPG
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  • DSC00570.JPG
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  • DSC00568.JPG
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  • DSC00562.JPG
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you do any write up on this Mod? :drool:

would love to do it in mine some day


  • best shot new gauges front.JPG
    best shot new gauges front.JPG
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Before and after....


  • Stock gauges Example.JPG
    Stock gauges Example.JPG
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  • new gauges front driver side.JPG
    new gauges front driver side.JPG
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  • new gauges pass side further away.JPG
    new gauges pass side further away.JPG
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  • New guages front lighted.JPG
    New guages front lighted.JPG
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sweet lookin x u got there keep up good work

gages are sick!!

I didnt know Brett did your wiring, or I forgot! LOL I wonder if I had a hand in it also?

High Plains Performance is the full company name hahaha

truck is so awesome mr 5 speed, did you have to re do your 5 speed? it says recently swapped

what is a Header tank?
You fabbed custom engine mounts didnt you after breaking a few L&L's?

Love your truck, its so well done! congrats and thanks for sharing!!

Thanks alot for all the compliments, guys....

Yes, Brett did the wiring. Great, Great Guy. He gave me a very good deal and was a pleasure to deal with. He left everything unwraped for me so I could make it nice and clean when I installed it. When I first recieved it the truck wouldnt start.... I called Brett and he had me fixed in just a few minutes. It was something to do with nuetral safety switch on the clutch pedal, If I remember.... Anyway, 10 minutes or so and I was running. I think he had a wiring diragram that he drew when he built the harness for troubleshooting purposes.... I HIGHLY recomend him!! AND if you had a hand in my harness, which you may very well have, Then I Thank you as well!!!!

My T5 tranny is all good. I did break the gears once, but I rebuilt it with the High alloy gear sets and Astro performance's front bearing retainer and it has been all good since... I even broke the case in half at Ocotillo right after I rebuilt it and all the internals were still perfect..... In case you were wondering, The case breaking was due to the mounting, Not the tranny strength....

My Radiator was built without a filler neck or a rad cap.... It was tucked completely under the radiator core support. A header tank is a little remote tank with a rad cap on it that feeds the radiator.... I since have deleted the header tank and had a remote filler neck welded onto the radiator...

I broke 2 L&L mounts and had enough.... Talk about a POS. Anyway, Yeah, I built Semi-Solid motor mounts out of Stainless Steel. They dont break!

Nice!MY RD radiator is similar to yours, I used a MOROSO filler neck in the upper hose, works pimp

However the radiator is FUBAR so I am chopping everything forward of my firewall off and going tube, likely use a OHV 4.0L radiator for the cheapness

What better way to fix a radiator leak? LOL

Brett knows his stuff!! We learned much of it by doing projects together, bolt it in then figure out how to make it run! LOL!!

heh, Sounds like something I would do. I actually, pretty much, chopped the whole front Rad support off and built a new one. I wanted it to stay looking stock-ish though. That tube front will be a lot of work, to re-mount everything... It will be nice though! I may be wrong, but I think when Brett did my wiring, yall had only done a couple other trucks at that time... maybe your bronco II and one other explorer?? I am just so glad I went that route!! I sent my harness and the mustang harness and got back one single bad ass harness that plugged right in! He even made it ready for my 3G alternator that I wanted to run!

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yup thats Brett!! So glad its working perfectly for you!!
I remember when you called him and couldnt get it running, you were not the first that needed that fix with his wiring harness!

red wire was getting no power, missed a splice is all

All I have to re-mount is my starter solenoid, power dist box, and arb compressor, I will be using my stock radiator support, only in pieces and connected with tubes to the cab!

BII is gong on a diet, I wanted to stay stockish looking too, but that ship has sailed, I would rather stay wheel side down then BII top heavy and wheelbase challenged!!

this has always been one of my fav rigs on this forum and it just keeps getting better!! Hats off to you!