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Chino Hills State Park


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March 4, 2007
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anaheim hills,california
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95 ranger 4x4/ 91 X 4x4
Froader, if you are listening, this is the place I told your dad about, pass it on, thanks :D

Chino Hills State Park is a fun little getaway from the crowds and noise of the city...You feel like you are 100 miles away but you are just off the 71, by the 91's a 2 mile dirt road followed by about a 3/4 mile paved road to the campsites...
They offer 20 campsites, 65 miles of hiking trails, alot of native plants, and wildlife...It cost $12.00 to camp overnight, first come first served, and they have newer showers and restroom facilities...summer is their slow the spring in fall they have an amphitheater type setup and every saturday night at 8p.m. everyone walks down and gets a history lesson of the old stage coaches that used to run threw this area or a get to know the local wildlife and this is all done on a big screen with slides or film clips...

If you look over the hood of my X you will see the restroom facilities building surrounded by campsites...I stayed there last night and there was only 3 other campers there...

In this picture you can see the top of the same building over my X, looking back to the direction the first picture was taken can also see each spot has a table, a lantern pole and a firepit...fires are not allowed during red flag warnings...this campground is also handicap friendly...

You can see there is plenty of room to park a couple of vehicles in each space including fullsize r.v.'s...What looks to be overgrown weeds are actually several different types of native folage that was planted as part of Californias return to native plants...

And Harley says to tell all the kids to keep an eye out for the wildlife..;) There are an occasional snake, bobcat, and deer...Every single night the coyotes start hollering about dusk so be warned...In the fall the Tarantulla's are in there mating season and you really have to watch where you are going :D

I would think this is a nice place for a meet and greet, a place you can take your family camping, or just a place to get away from it all while everyone else is stuck on the freeway heading out of town...The native plants have brought back so many birds to this area and the setting is so quiet, it's well worth the trip :thumbsup:

Btw, it's at soquel canyon road??spelling??? get off the 71 and head up the hill past the first light and shopping center, the second light take a left into a tract of houses, and then turn left with the dogleg and you will clearly see the hidden entrance on the right...;)