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chop with soft top teaser pics--

99 V8 eddie Bauer model

It had a liitle accident and was not ready to die so I started hacking and ended up with what it is now


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The pics of the atlas are not off my Truck

I have talked with David on the phone-it seems he has been having a hard time posting pictures-
Believe me he has some sick stuff to show--
Hit him up with PM's -he needs to show some of his mad skillz

I think he qualify's for the posse also--


It's an atlas behind a v8, with a 4r70w---

These Atlas pics are not of my rig I will get some soon though.

Get us some pics of the interior. I would love to see how you welded the rear doors, etc.

That is one nice piece of work you have there! Now for a solid axle :)

Sweet :thumbsup:

Reminds me of some two door 4Runners with custom canvas tops.