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cig lighter fuse overheating instantly.


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September 14, 2010
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Lemoore CA
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91 Navajo X 2
I am in the process of installing an overhead console in my truck i wanted to tap power from the cigarette lighter but found the fuse slot empty.

After replacing the fig lighter 20a fuse my phone charger light turned on telling me it was working, but within a minute it stopped working i touched the fuse and it burned me.

I was looking at the slot and it looked like a prior fuse had cooked itself and thus was removed.

I was looking at the wire diagram and it seems to me if that fuse was removed that other systems would stop working. I may be reading it wrong. Any idea why this would happen? Why would the fuse cook off?

Would other systems be effected without this fuse suggesting a prior owner hard wired / bypassed the fuse?

Any help would be appreciated

anyone have any ideas as to what this is? The only thing i see under the dash is this pink wire that was spliced.


This is what that splice ends up with. Was this an alarm system at one time? i don't think this would effect my fuse box though.


So if the position no.12 fuse (20a) controls the fig lighter / power lumbar / flash to pass is removed wouldn't the other systems fail as well?
I have flash to pass still without the fuse in, power lumbar seats don't work / cig lighter doesn't work.

When the fuse is inserted my flash to pass works / cig lighter works before fuse overheats, power lumbar still wont work.

I think my short is within the power lumbar system so i will try and fix that first. Any ideas?

I figured it out.

After staring at the wire harness and llooking up the power lumbar wire diagram i tried a porcess of elimination.

There are four systems connected to this fuse (position 12)
Cig lighter
Flash to pass (pulling the high beam bar back for a quick flash)
And the power seats

My horn worked
My flash worked
When the fuse was installed i had temporary power to the cig lighter before the fuse overheated.

So i unplugged the power seat connectors under each seat and plugged the fuse back in and it worked. The fuse is not cooking off anymore and is cool to the touch.

Afterwards i wrapped the power connectors going into the seats with weatherproof stretchy tape ( cherry tape) now i can proceed with my OHC install.