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CJpooch's 02' XLT PoochRig

I wanted to start a registry since I joined elite. I myself am not elite, nor is my stock Explorer, but the website has already saved me money, so while I may not be able to give back a whole lot in knowledge, I figured I could atleast give my $20.

So I purchased my explorer about 4 months ago, and found the forum shortly after. It's a 2002 XLT 4x4, 112,000 miles when I got it. I love it so far, and I am already planning on my next explorer. I know this may be a sensitive issue, and there seems to be a great divide, but the new 2011 explorer, not digging it. I know as a first time explorer owner, and forum newbie, my opinion doesn't matter! But my next Explorer has to be 2010 or before. But I'm getting way ahead of myself, back to my 02'. It's stock at this point. I don't have any huge plans for mods, I would like to add some functional things, i.e. fog lights, tow hooks, signal mirror. We'll see how much I get into. It's my DD, I don't really do much offroading. Except they never plow the roads here, so just driving in winter in offroading even on the road. I have found great write ups on a lot of stuff, so my bookmarks continue to grow. So being a new owner, and a new member, don't kill me if I ask a question that has been asked before. Sometimes searching is hard when you're not sure what something is. So here she is below. It's the PoochRig because my two boxers go with me everywhere. Let me know if you've done any useful mods to your 3rd gen!


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nice x u got

Nice looking Ex! :thumbsup: