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cladding questions


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September 20, 2011
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2003 sports trac
so I have been wanting to paint my cladding for a while now. but first I have some questions. the first questions does anyone have step by step directions on hoe to take the cladding off? I would like to take the side claddings off the front cladding ( bumper cover) and the back cladding ( bumper) so I can clean it sand it down and so forth. next is what kinda paint? I have seen a lot of different kinds of paint that people have used on their cladding but which one would be the best? I don't do any rock crawling or trail ridding but do sometimes find myself in a mud whole or 2:). I want to make sure whatever I use I do not end up haven to redo it in a year or 2. and the last question do yall recommend on putting primer done first? thanks for all the help in advance

yeah that's why I am really wanting to take all the cladding off including the front bumper cover and back bumper so I can make sure I prep it well and not have to worry about taping it off and getting any on the actual truck