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Clarion 4/3/2 Channel Amp - Any Good?


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April 5, 2004
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Buffalo, New York
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2006 Impala SS
I'm looking for a 4-channel amp for my door speakers. This clarion amp (apa-450) is on sale for $70. Here are the specs:

Maximum Power Output 400W
Continuous Average Power Output 200 Watts (50W x 4 Into 4 Ohms 20Hz-20kHz) Typical
2-Ohm Stereo 100W x 4
Switchable Bass Boost Control 0dB/6dB/12dB
Adjustable 50Hz-250Hz High-/Low-Pass Crossover
Bridgeable 4-/3-/2-Channel Operation
Speaker Level Inputs

Is this a good buy or what?

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Be sure to read Ike Sound's return policy. I'm guessing they are not an autorized Clarion Dealer. I'd just buy the one item to see how they work out. It doesn't say the item is used, referbished or a factory second, but it may be.

I've bought from them before with no problems. They DO say when it's a refurb. I just wasn't sure if it was a good deal for what i an looking to do.

sounds like a decent deal, comes with 1 year warranty.... Great upgrade from just HU power.

thanks dave - i checked and it's a current unit that lists at $180.

Now, where to put it and how to hit the 4 door speakers efficiently...that is the question...i'd rather not put it under the rear seat, b/c i regularly put the seats down to haul stuff. I would actually like to put it up in my raised roof area, in the void behind the vcr (above the headliner in the cargo area). Would you think that it'd cause an overheating problem? Just how much circulation is necessary? The area is about 8" high, the width of the roof, and the depth of the cargo area...

dont think it would overheat, most amps nowadays have excellent heatsinks to wick away heat from the circutry, as long as you dont have too much flammable material touching the heatsink you should be fine. That may not even be a problem either, seeing as how most amps have thermal protection as well.