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Cleaning AFE AF with K&N?


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July 16, 1999
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97 Explorer
I have a AFE air cleaner, and I was thinking that since it is the same makeup as a K&N that I can use the same cleaner and oil.....since the K&N kit is available most anywhere......thoughts?

Can I use K&N oil on my aFe filter?


APOLOGY AND RETRACTION. On July 18, 2005, aFe posted in its FAQ forum, a question asking "Can I use K&N oil on my aFe filter?" This question as well as several others were posted by aFe's staff personnel based on questions asked by its customers and consumers. In response, aFe responded:

"We don't recommend using anything other than aFe oil. aFe oil is a highly refined oil that does not contain any surfactant. Other manufacturers like K&N use surfactant, an additive that makes the oil more sticky, to help the filter filter and hold more dirt. However, when air is drawn through the filter, the surfactant can be sucked in and adhere to the Mass airflow sensor. Over time, the surfactant can coat the MAF sensor and cause the check engine light to come on."

This response is incorrect. aFe has no knowledge or evidence that K&N oil contains surfactant and aFe has not conducted any scientific tests or studies that prove K&N air filter oil contaminates Mass Airflow Sensor (MAF) or that K&N air filter oil would adversely affect the performance of an aFe air filter.

aFe apologizes to K&N and to any consumer who read this erroneous statement in aFe's FAQ forum and was mislead by it. Any consumer who purchased aFe air filter oil as a result of this Question and ANswer may obtain a refund from aFe of the full purchase price of the oil, together with all shipping costs associated with returning the oil to aFe for such a refund. Please contact aFe's Customer Service Department at advanced FLOW engineering, 191 Granite Street, Corona, CA 92879, tel: 951-493-7100, fax: 951-493-7177, for details regarding a refund.

well go to the auto store go look at the back of both bottles and see if theirs a difference. as for the actual cleaner k&n said u can use some good laundry soap (liquid). but as for the oil who knows