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September 29, 2008
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Can you clean an o2 sensor?

Got a code and I know it's in front of a blocked CAT so I'm wondering if I change the CAT do I need a new o2 sensor or can I clean it?

If so how?

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Another question also... I have a blocked cat and no money for a few weeks (gotta love when things break this time of year)

If I drill a few holes in the pipe just before the blocked Cat will that help the backpressure enough to buy me a few weeks before I can get my exhaust fixded correctly?

I would like to not have to remove the front cats completely so when i take it to the exhaust shop they know how the set up is supposed to be set up so they can customize/update it accordingly.

I have never heard of anyone attempting to clean an O2 sensor. In fact, just handling them with your bare hands can destroy them. They are an extremely delicate instrument (considering the environment they live in) that develops and generates it's own minute voltage signal.

Cool thanks.

I figured it was worth asking.

don't drill holes, just take out and leave out the O2 sensors, until you can fix your cat