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Cleaning the throttle body


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January 28, 2014
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1994 Ford Explorer
Hey, I have a 1994 X sport with the 4.0 and i was talking with a friend the other day when i mentioned i want to clean my throttle body and he was saying that on some vehicles you have to watch out what you use because it might not just be regular throttle body cleaner that you need to clean it. I don't want to break into the engine then notice at the last minute i need something special to clean it. Can anyone tell me weather or not that i need something special to clean it or can i just use regular throttle body cleaner?


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see that's what i was going to use wasn't quite sure if there was anything in particular i was suppose to use.

CRC label specifically says "safe for coated throttle bodies." Be especially thorough where the butterfly plate contacts the housing.

what odo you mean by thorough? like clean really well or be careful?

ok well i just cleaned it and wow it was built up in there, i cleaned the MAF and changed the air filter while i was in there its a little better but i think sooner or later i will really dive into the engine since i have to change the valve cover gaskets on it because i think they might be leaking oil. Not much but i still don't like it. Thank you for all your help.