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Clear Corners on a 2000 XLT

When I get the pics of my new (to me) 2000 XLT this might make more sense. Im not sure if theres we an after market mod or if it came from the factory like this because I bought my ride used. I want to get clear tails and clear corners, but it almost looks like I HAVE clear corners.

I saw a thread with pics of someones clear corners on a '93 which made a big difference because his corners were orange. My 2000 doesnt have orange corners. Its more like an orange plastic INSIDE the actual light fixture. I dont know if this is just how the 2000's look and if it is I dont see how it would make much difference if I put clear corners other than of course putting in those cool looking blue bulbs.

Any help out there? Anyone have pics of a 2000 Explorer with clear corners? Is it much difference?


clear fronts are available for your truck...the stock ones are clear on the outside but are orange on the inside.....

this means if you put in a clear bulb instead of an orange bulb, the light will still appear orange....

with aftermarket clears, the orange reflector is replaced by a clear one and a white light will appear to be white

On the 2nd generation Explorers (95-01), the front signal/parking lights assembly is clear with a little patch of amber on each side of the light assembly. It uses "Natural Amber" bulbs so they give an amber light when you have your turn signals on. You can use the superwhites if you want but it would be illegal. On the clear corners, that amber reflective patch is replaced with a clear reflector. I just got a pair of clear corners but I'm still using amber bulbs to keep them legal. But hey, it still looks better though.