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clear corners: what bulbs??

i just got some clear corners today for my '98. it came with some bulbs... but they dont have the correct "end" to fit in the fixture... the ones i have now have a really thin "end" while the new ones are round.... i left my factory ones in they sorta give a orange tint to the clear corners... are there any kind of bulbs i can get that will not show up orange until they are lit?? please advice

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my clears came with incorrect bulbs too, but they were amber anyway. i took out the bulbs from the corners, and went to napa. i was able to get 4 of the big bulbs and 2 of the little bulbs, all in clear for about $10. oh, btw, for the little bulbs, dont get the same size just in clear, use the bulb size that is in the door lights. i think its 194, but dont hold me to it. mine now look the way i want them...well, i realy want them green, but that would be blantantly illegal.

people get high temp silver spray paint and paint the amber bulbs with a very light coat of silver. this mades the bulb inconspicuous while still having the ability to light up amber when turned on.. im going to be doing this soon. good luckw ith urs

You could also use your factory bulbs but spray a light coat of silver paint on them. If you do a search you will find that that is what alot of people don on here.

so you beat me to it.