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clearcoat peeling

I have this chip on my hood that has helped the clearcoat start to chip around each side about 2.5". Is there any way I can stop the bubling without going into great care to fix it?

Its okay if I have this small spot but I'm worried that half of my hood will be chipped off someday.

Thanks for your help

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needs attention from a body shop to stop.....thats not even a guarentee

Only way I know of is to repaint the hood. You might have seen cars around that the clearcoat is peeling, that is what will happen.
I have heard different reasons why this happens, but it all boils down to poor paint job from the factory.

I didn't notice what year your Explorer was, but I have heard of people taking them to the dealer and getting some help on the cost of repainting....

That would work, but it was in a wreck before I got it. I think the guy that fixed it, painted it in his garage so probably no help there.

If that is the case, then I don't think he did his prep work. Painting it in a garage is O.K. I've seen a lot of hot rods painted in a garage that really look nice, but you still have to do the prep work right.