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Clearout... loads of parts

Now that I've built the truck and got it going, I need to sell all my leftovers so I can afford to get it safetied. I'm in S0K 0M0, Canada, so shipping can be calculated from there. I am willing to ship anything anywhere, the bigger items I would prefer to be collected, unless you want to arrange the shipping.

It's all 4.0 ohv/sohc stuff

AC pumps $30 each
Starter motors $30 each
Steering pumps $30 each
Radiators 2 core $50 each
Rad fan with clutch $50
Grey leather steering wheel no buttons $20
Black leather steering wheels with buttons $25 each
Grey "Limited" leather steering wheel with buttons $30
Clock springs $10 each
Front shock absorbers used $10 each
Driver's side black airbag $20
Tan sport driver's door handle and switches $20
Dark Grey Speedo surround with graphite trim $15
Dark Grey Speedo surround with slot for parking sensor switch $15
Headlights $10 each
Indicators $10 each
Tail lights $25 each
Mirrors (power, no heat/light) $25 each, $40 pair
Rear side windows dark tint $50 each
Rear Doors $30 each
Sunroof motor $15

Rear Axle from a v8 with the torsion arms and brackets, missing a hub, comes with rear calipers, 3.73 $offers
Front diff 3.73 $45

Limited 16" 5 spoke alloys, with 245 75 16 rubber, one rim is cracked but holds air $130

Leather heated seats, door panels and centre arm rest, missing a headrest, $170

lots of other parts that I can't think of right now


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have you checked on shipping airbags?
Some ebay sellers add a spacial handling fee, not sure why...

I shipped a few to the states and just charged postage....


What color are those heated seats?

They're dark graphite grey, one headrest is missing, but there's one on ebay for $40shipped.. they come with the door panels and the leather arm rest for the middle.

if you want pictures let me know


How good of shape is that radiator fan with clutch? May be interested, my 98's fan is cracking.

looks to be in good order, was working fine when I took it off Rolly, can get you some pictures if you like?


If you dont mind a picture or two would definately be appreciated. :thumbsup:

Here ya go




Here ya go

Thanks. I'll see how much shipping is and how much I have after I get my new wheels and hopefully I can snag this before the month's end.

I can quote you shipping tomorrow if you want? just need the zip.


okie dokie, I'll take it down in the morning, n let you know

Thanks man


Alright, let me know what the total price would be so I can set that money aside on my next paycheck

ok, thanks man


got a picture of the seats thanks








Here ya go, shipping to Cali might kill the deal though...