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Clem's '02 Explorer Sport

My '02 Explorer Sport

Name: Clem
Location: Edmonton, AB - Canada
Ride: '02 Ford Explorer Sport (also have '92 Toyota Paseo as a turbo build and a '90 Toyota Corolla SR5)
Sign: Sagitarrius
Writes: Lefty
Email: cis4clem at hot mail dot com
Likes: long walks on the beach

Nothing special so far. Winters are long and tedious where I live, so it's nice to have one, plus I'm in the outdoors a lot. Picked her up on a trade.

These were pics from the previous owner.

She was taken care of okay, but had some issues when he trade it to me. Fan clutch was screwed, no AC, minor damage on one side. Didn't bother me since I know someone who has a body shop.

Mechanically she was sound, but it looked like every fluid in it was never changed... ARGH! So in one weekend, and just under $200 spent, got her into summer mode... amazing what one can do with some time and work invested.

- Replace every lightbulb in the cluster/vehicle with GE longlife bulbs (half of the damn things were burned out)
- Seafoamed vehicle.
- Oil change to Mobil 1 w/ Napa Gold Filter (it had the wrong sized oil filter when I changed it, and the oil was crap)
- Tranny fluid flushed (it was mud colored) with Mobil 1 ATF. Nice and red now!
- Replaced fan clutch and recharged AC (felt like the dead fan clutch was robbing me of 100 HP)
- New PCV Valve, Fuel Filter, and DRL relay (wow, gas mileage improves!)
- Relocated DRL relay to the engine bay next to the fuse box.
- Rear differential fluid replaced with Amsoil 75w140. Cleaned cover, new gasket as well.
- Cleaned MAF and throttle body.

I plan to flush the cooling system and replace the thermostat before the snow hits, as well as replace the front diff (Amsoil 75w90) and transfer case (Mobil 1 ATF) fluids. Will add a tranny temp gauge in the future, and plan to rig an inverter somewhere.




Yeah, maybe I'm crazy, but I'm more comfortable knowing the work is done on the rig rather than wonder. And either way, I got some nice discounts at parts places to help me out. :cool:


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April 26, 2009
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Nice X. I love that second shot, great picture.

Marcus Aurelius

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June 20, 2009
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Very nice X, I really like the last 3 years of the sports. Also love the second shot, very professional looking.



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November 14, 2004
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