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Clips for rocker panel trim.... Help please....


May 9, 2010
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Baltimore, MD
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93 Sport 4x4
Hey guys,
I took off my rocker panel trim to check out the rust hole I found behind it and now I need to replace it. But I broke a lot of the clips taking it off. There is two different types of clips to attach them. I have a 93 explorer sport. Anyone know where I can get these clips? I have checked online a bit with no success. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks much! :):feedback:

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That could be a very useful site- they're 99% there- but how about some pictures! Ugh...

Thanks for that link- looks like they have a lot!

I usually go to the local pull n save and get them. They give them to me for like a $1 for a pile of them I think.