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Club Kickoff a success (sort of) in MOAB


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March 27, 2002
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Ft. Collins, CO
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1992 Explorer XLT
Hey Club 4X4ORD has just got back from the Moab '02 Kickoff. The pics and stories were just put on the website. So come on in and see. Click on either Past Trips or Pics/Movies to read or view everything on our trip. Here are some pics to tide everyone over.

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Click on my link below.:D

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yeah it was only the Bronco and I. We would have joined other groups, but we had this trip planned last year, and couldn't reschedule. Oh well, next year.:D

I'm curious where you found mud in moab! LOL. Looks like fun!

It was really lucky. We were the only ones who had mud on their cars. We kept running into people who would say "Hey I saw you here" "Nice Car".

We found it on the secret entrance to Arches NP. You can find it on Willow Flats Road. If you turn onto the dirt road across from the The Windows in Arches, then go straight not turning onto Tower Acher trail. I don't know how to explain it from the highway, but once you come out onto the highway you can enter Arches that way and don't have to pay.;)